Seconds Count!

A vehicle traveling at 60 mph travels 88 feet per second.

Once the driver sees something ahead that requires him/her to slow or stop the vehicle, it takes .75 seconds to move their foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. In that time the vehicle has traveled 66 feet.

After applying the brakes it takes an additional 300 feet to bring the vehicle to a stop. Total feet traveled is 366 feet (4.16 seconds)

The RTS Safety Arrow™ warns oncoming drivers to change lanes over 200 feet from the disabled vehicle. That’s 22.7 seconds or an additional 18.5 seconds of safety margin.

That means the RTS Safety Arrow™ warns oncoming vehicles to stop 1634 feet away from the accident or disabled vehicle. If they only need to change lanes they can do it 2000 feet away.

The RTS Safety Arrow™ has the potential to save lives, and eliminate accidents and costly litigation.

About the Inventor:

Ken Greves spent 30 years in the law enforcement field. He has used his experience to create products to aid the safety of fellow public safety personnel. Greves holds several patents.

His first success is the tire deflating device, the Stop Stick. This device is a leading product used by police agencies in the USA to terminate high speed pursuits. Stop Stick is also sold internationally. Greves sold Stop Stick in the late 1990’s

He now has created the Safety Arrow™ & Tail Blazer.